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There are two ways to build the code, either should complete without errors.
  1. Run make.cmd batch file from a console window.
  2. Build ApiDiff.Net.sln in Visual Studio or SharpDevelop

If you have SpecFlow installed on your machine, you can also build the ApiDiff.Net.Specs.sln to run the acceptance tests. This was created as a separate solution so that SpecFlow could stay an optional install requirement.

Build Targets

The following is the list of build targets in the sai.proj msbuild script:
  • Clean
  • Build
  • Unit Test
  • Help
  • Installer
  • DogFood
  • Codeplex

Most of the above should be self-explanatory except for two.

Dog Food

Builds everything and runs the tool against our own assemblies to produce extra documentation for the help file (in .aml format). Then generates a new help file.


Creates a full build, help file and installer ready to create a new release on the website.

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